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The Salisbury Executive Lodge | Royal Arch Riverside Park 

Stately-Albion Salisbury Executive | Aberdeenshire

As the name implies, the Salisbury Executive builds upon the great success of the Salisbury lodge, featuring some welcomed enhancements. Most noticeable is the fully glazed front elevation with the large triangle windows above. Combined with the upgraded furnishings packages and fully vaulted ceilings, we are sure this is a home you will want to spend your leisure time in the Stately-Albion Salisbury Executive Lodge, Stylish yet comfortable, the perfect place to spend your leisure hours.

Escape the familiar routine, rediscover luxury and start enjoying memorable experiences.  Visit the Royal Arch Riverside Park in Aberdeenshire - stunning properties situated amidst beautifully landscape in Scotland.   

Set in the picturesque countryside in Aberdeenshire, the Royal Arch Riverside park is the perfect location for a family holiday, a getaway with friends or for that romantic weekend away.   There are so many activities close by the Royal Arch park is the perfect location.

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