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Woodburn Lodge | Royal Arch Riverside Park 

Stately-Albion Woodburn Holiday Home | Aberdeenshire

Externally, the Woburn holiday home in Deeside is striking with its bay windows and inset front door, complemented with feature cladding to emphasise its modern angular shapes.

If fine cuisine is to your liking, then there's no better place to prepare your meals than in the spacious kitchen incorporating a well-designed open plan kitchen/diner, keeping your guests entertained whilst preparing your meals becomes an effortless task.

The luxurious bathroom is a desirable space for those relaxing moments when you just want to switch off, relax, and soak in a warm bath under candlelit alcoves.

The Woodburn cottage is the perfect home for a retirement village or holiday home, the many features give this a home from home appeal.  Located at the Royal Arch Riverside park arrange an appointment to view. 

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